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Whether you grew up with DV8 in your youth, or came to love their infectious brand of party rock later on, their simple, no-frills, celebratory style gets under your skin.

As principle songwriter Greg Bryce says in “Back To Basics” off the new album “Like It On Top”:

“The rock n’ roll we like hearin’…play it simple or you lose the feelin’….it’s so good! Getting back to basics now.”

As one reviewer said…

DV8 has always been an act that was low on pretence but big on energetic guitar-based rock … with catchy songs that incorporated a variety of styles.

DV8 grew up in the industrial, surfside city of Newcastle, Australia in the 80’sand have filled huge auditoriums playing their original songs that explore themes of life, love, surfing and rock n’ roll. During this time they released albums “Stab In The Dark” (debuting at #2 on the charts), “Back To Basics”, “Can You Hear Me” and “DV8 Live”.

Re-forming in 2000 with their album “Big Green Monsters” and continuing in 2007 with a live offering called “Live To Rock” DV8 have survived and triumphed through many fashions of rock to this day. New studio album “Like It On Top” features the best of what they have to offer from the cheekiness of “Elvis Silver Sunnies” and “All Night Long” to the heartfelt “Moment To Moment” and anthemic fist in the air of “Rock n’ Roll Town.”

Travis Suprano
Mark Middleton
Mark Middleton’s melodic and sinewy bass-lines and Travis Suprano’s relentless, express train grooves provide the perfect underpinning for Greg Bryce’s hard-driving guitar chops. The raw swagger of Jet’s “Get Born” rock n’ roll style along with the catchy melodic pop/rock of The Police blended with aspects of punk energy and the economy and excitement of AC/DC style blues/rock would be a good description of their sound.

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